Nearing the End

I’ve had this blog quite awhile. And I obviously haven’t posted since forever ago. To catch up:

  • RN year classes = passed
  • Kaplan review course in Box Office building over University Field (what an odd location . . . ) = done
  • Boards = scheduled
  • Wedding = 18 days away

Needless to say, planning a wedding while trying to pass nursing classes can be a death sentence if pressure isn’t your thing. Though – pressure isn’t particularly my thing, and I managed. (Trust me when I say that there’s hope for anyone because of that.)

QUALIFIER! I only managed with the help of my wonderful fiance, family, friends, and teachers. They helped me remember why I was doing this (Soli Deo gloria, of course), and that, in the words of our Kaplan instructor, “I am more than minimally competent”.

Speaking of “minimally competent” . . . really, nursing board? I know that’s a perfectly good (and reasonable) goal for the nurses you want to license and set loose upon the floors of many a facility, but way to make us feel terrified and potentially stupid. Maybe next time just keep that to yourselves. Tell us that . . the test determines if we learned what we ought to have learned in school. I suppose that’s the same, but it’s all in how you say it. If I want to tell a mother that she shouldn’t let her child have quite so many unhealthy foods, I’m not going to patronizingly tell her that, “When you bring Johnny here for a checkup, you’re letting me see if you’re capable of feeding him like a nurturing mother should.” Noooo way. Maybe something more like, “When you bring Johnny in for a checkup, we’re just making sure that he is healthy. Would you like to talk about appropriate nutrition for a five-year-old?”

That makes perfect sense to me, but it might seem far-fetched for everyone else. Excuse the wild mind of a boards-studying bride-to-be.

But here’s something that I was chuckling at: Wiki teaches us how to pass the NCLEX-RN.

I like the first step. “Pay attention in nursing school.” Oh! Right! Of course. What a good idea. If you’re wiki-ing how to pass this test, chances are you didn’t pay attention in class or when your teachers taught you how to apply and the requirements. I’ve gathered that it’s pretty common to see boards requiring a boards-prep class before becoming eligible to test at all.

Step three is, “If you are unclear on a concept, be dogged about learning it.” Now, as I understand the word “dogged”, it is akin to words like, “obstinate”, “stubborn”, “pertinacious”. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I start getting “dogged”, I start getting “mad”. And yes, I mean that in the true sense of the word. At least at this point, I really would rather not get dogged about anything. Determined, yes, because I’m more level-headed at that stage.

The last step – Thank you, Wiki. That sounds like a good idea. And then I’ll hit refresh every two minutes after midnight on the state board site. Maybe a Red Bull would be a good treat.

But enough of that.

I don’t plan to keep this blog up. I haven’t decided whether or not to delete it, but I’m certainly leaning towards that. We’ll have to see what the next couple of weeks bring.

Happy test taking – You are more than minimally competent!


One thought on “Nearing the End

  1. I have always enjoyed your blog and will be sad when you decide not to write in it. How about some wedding pics?
    And I have always thought you were a very competent nurse!

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