School’s Alive . . . and Probably about to Kick.

Well. It’s been forever and a thousand years since I’ve posted. Yikes . . . It’s not for lack of things to say, but for lack of mind to say it.

But here we are again. School’s up and running, and while the class was open online last week, I light-heartedly went about writing up my own notes. But with today here . . .

* insert cannon boom from Hunger Games *

Yup. I can’t decide whether that boom’s to alert me that things are serious, that my daydreaming career has died, or that I just need to wake up and smell the coffee. Before it burns.

Eh, take your pick. Perhaps it’s E (as in all of the above).

All that being said, I’m actually having fun writing everything down. It gets a little tedious at times due to my having just read it in my book and notes from the professor and then writing it again, but there’s no way I’m going out without a hard-fought fight.

The first two weeks are mental health (joy!), and this week’s assignment’s the first nine chapters of the mental health book. I’ve really come to appreciate the notes provided to us by the instructor. They’re not only the sort that highlight the important things that one’s read, but she encourages us to think about how various things are applicable. Mental health isn’t my forte, and that’s for various reasons, but I want to learn what I can well.

I’m still planning on working throughout the semester as a part-time LPN at the nursing home. Things could change, but I’m hoping not too much.

(Any and all people who love the English Language can collect a garbage can to pick up the litter that I’ve strewn about here. It’s pretty wild.)

I know there are plenty that read this little corner here, and I’m hoping to keep it up. But, alas, it shall mainly be about school – and that because of the fellow students that visit. I’ll try to keep up, and even post some things that I’ve learned or have been confused over. We’ll see where things go.


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