Dear . . .

. . . Winter – It’s about time you showed up. While I’m not entirely sure how to be appropriately grateful, I know the farmers are, so thank you.

. . . Semi with too many vehicles on it – Thank you for driving in front of me on the unplowed highway. You kinda were right on the yellow line, and I nearly got smashed by other semis a couple of times, but you made the drive much easier. I was only mad at you once: When you decided to go downtown and left me all alone to brave the curve into the non-downtown (uptown?).

. . . PM shift – Yesterday went really well. That was kind. We should try for those types of shifts more often.

. . .CNA’s – You all are fabulous. Thanks for working as well as you do.

. . . Night nurse – I’m so glad you showed up. Even more so that you live right in town.

. . . Snow Plowers – You’ve had a pretty light season so far. When you do go on the road, what do you do to keep occupied? Well, besides figuring out how to deal with us little annoying cars? Listen to music? Like . . . The whole St. Matthew’s Passion? (Wouldn’t that be nice.)

. . . Vancomycin – Why. Why, why, why. Why! Troughs and whatnot are really not all that fun, you know.

. . . Schnick – Ouch.

. . . Algebra – So. The grades this semester are nice. What was with the bad ones in high school, huh?

. . . Scrubs – It’s time to find material that doesn’t wrinkle so badly in the wash. That’s all.

. . . Computer battery – Do me a favor and give me a hint when you’re about to die. I thought 13% was when you’d alert me, but you don’t anymore. Was it something I said?

. . . BonLook – Some people might think they look weird, but I’m grateful for the glasses you sent me. And such a good price!

. . . Sappy movie moments- Stop making me cry. I’ve run out of kleenex. Besides the fact I don’t have much on my med and treatment carts.

. . . People – Thank you for making this profession so wonderful. Really.


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