An Update:

Well. It’s the fourth week of the semester, and depending upon my enthusiasm in May, I have about eleven or twelve left.

How’s school going? you may ask. It’s going. I’d forgotten what it was like not to feel pressured so heavily – to primarily have that study left at work. In some ways, I like it. I have more time to focus on other things. I need to take this time I have and use it well – for, Lord willing, I’ll be dealing with that pressure again soon enough. Until then, I’m enjoying reading snippets of good composition and nutrition, and thinking how different this algebra is from a heparin protocol dosage problem.

Some random observations:

  • What is it with the crazy commercials these days? Really? Yes, I’ll come and buy loads at JCP because of your screaming commercial. You had me at the man stomping off shouting from a line.
  • Tape players. It’s weird to think how outdated they are. I remember listening to tapes all of the time when I was really little. We use them at work for nurses’ reports to the next shift. Managed to drop one smack on top of my right  big toe last week. Thank goodness we can’t find batteries for the things, or it would’ve hurt a lot worse.
  • A movie review for composition 2. Really? That’s unfortunate.
  • Angry birds is highly addictive – but it’s also easy to get tired of too. Thank goodness.
  • I’ve started the Weight Watchers program. It’s working well, and I’m glad of it. I tried Alli with great results a few years ago, but once I stopped taking that pill, I gained it all back. This program helps in developing a lifestyle.
  • To the Brother: These boots in sandy tan do not look like Princess Lea boots.

Happy February.



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