As most of the readers here have gathered (I assume), I didn’t make it to second semester of my ADN year. I passed everything but Lifespan, and even there (I think), my grade was higher than my Family Nursing grade last spring. Thank you, RN year grading rubric.

What am I doing now? I’m working as an LPN and getting that vital experience of critical thinking. I sincerely hope that the responsibility I take at work and the more responsibility I take in my life will help with that. Also, as there has never been a “year off” in school in my short life, I couldn’t imagine just sitting this semester out. I’m taking 7 credits: Higher Algebra 2, Composition 2, and Nutrition. Thing is, I’m so used to the pressure of nursing classes that I’m currently acing everything – even though the grading rubric is way easier.

Am I disappointed? Understatement. I didn’t fail that class, I just didn’t get that 80%. I was very close. If I had really failed, I would hope that somebody would come up and give me a whack across the back of my head and tell me to “Grow up.” But this isn’t the case. I’m trying not to mope about it much now, and it has become easier to bump into classmates and tell them why they haven’t seen or heard from me for a while.

The college I attend requires that I submit a petition to retake the class not passed. My Lifespan teacher (and Nursing Program Director) graciously approved it without batting an eye, and I’ll, Lord willing, retake the one class next fall. No, I don’t have to retake skills and clinicals. I passed both of those just fine. Further encouragement that I can do this.

Now all of you fellow students know. Be encouraged and don’t take any passing grade for granted. :)

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