There’s something about ear-buds when only one of them work. I feel completely lopsided, and this is coming from a person who usually prefers to only have one in anyways.

But that’s besides the point. I’ll buy some new buds tonight, and no one will be happier.

Finals are next week. Next Wednesday to be precise. To say that I’ve been busy is a slight understatement, but things are working out well in various areas. Midterms were not fun, and my grade said as much.  My nice and round B dropped after that, and 80% is our passing grade. Yes, this means that 79.99% is failing. I’m very close to hitting that 80%, but I never thought that I’d have a class that I’d be fighting to pass. As long as I get a good grade on the final, I’ll be good. I’ve heard that the final is better than the midterm, but we’ll just have to see.

Clinicals went fabulously. I just realized that I hadn’t posted since before I started them. I had a day in infusion and surgery, and a few on the med-surg unit floor. It is a lot easier this go around, and the butterflies I had last year before walking into a patient’s room have all but disappeared. I contribute that to the experience work has given me. And, while I miss the hospital setting, I don’t miss the early mornings. Working the evening shift has done nothing to help my night-owlish tendencies.

Being in an RN role has taught me a lot about humility. Would that I’d remember that humility all of the time. :)

But there you have it: an update. And, I’m afraid, that’s all I can do now.

Best of test-taking and studying to all of you students out there!


3 thoughts on “Prefinals

  1. Yeah . . . the final wasn’t quite enough to get me into next semester. It would have been passing last year.
    It’s just a little setback though. I’ll retake this class next fall and move along the way I was planning to this year.

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