Update Time:

I’m sitting comfortably in my room right now. There are books on the floor by my feet, pencils and post its on the shelf and table next to me, a Denver II test set to the side that can’t seem to shut up . . . and in front of me is my whiteboard with my “To Do” list on it.

  • Cardiac Case Study #3 (nearly done)
  • Denver II test (just did today, but haven’t written anything down)
  • Community Paper
  • Adult Nutritional Assessment (1/4 of the way through it)
  • Lab reading Assignment
  • Finish studying Resp./Cardiac Reading Assignment
  • Cardiac Reading Assignment

And, to prove that I have a life:

  • Crochet 3 rows on blanket

Ha. Aren’t you convinced.

Anyways, school stops for nobody, and faint heart never won nursing degree. Grades are becoming more consistently pass-worthy (yes, there were a couple of complete bombs), and while I wanted Dean’s list, I’ve since been convinced by past RN students and current experience that 80% C’s are beautiful.

Hope all of the other students reading this are having a good year so far!



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