So, last week I was “Nurse”. Camp Nurse to be specific. That’s right. Not a week after boards, and I’m watching over a camp-full of people. Needless to say, nobody died, nobody broke any bones (as far as I know, at least), nobody keeled over with a seizure or from an honest heat stroke . .

It really was pretty basic. I dealt with a bit of homesickness, lots of sunburns, thousands (seriously, it may have been that – the mosquitoes were horrible this year!) of bug bites, girls convinced they were overheating, kids who ran into things, asthma, ADHD (unfortunately . . . ), allergies, upset stomachs, etcetera.

Then there were those weird cases: possible case of strep, swollen eye that didn’t respond to anything but time, a counselor who decided to rip up one of his finger tips (no, it was an accident), a ripped open blister, and I’m sure there were others.


To anybody who might ever be a camp nurse, keep your cool. Most of the stuff I saw (in my mucho amount of experience in one year) was very basic. At first, treat those girls like they really are that hot. You’ll learn eventually which one understands how being really hot isn’t “overheating” or “heat stroke”. After awhile, you’ll know how to look at them and explain sympathetically that if you could put an air conditioner outside, you would.  Give the kiddos band aids when they want them (as long as you see blood, obviously), even if it’s just a little scratch (you’ll remember how many times you realized you had one of those by using hand sanitizer).


If you can help it, don’t stay in the infirmary. It’s hot outside, yes. It’s nice and cool in the infirmary, yes. But when something comes your way, you’ll hear countless explanations from countless campers and counselors as to what happened. Being there, you’re more likely to see what really happened.

I don’t pretend to know it all, obviously. I know only the tippest part of the tip of the iceberg. But even that’s a bit here. And I know there are other nursing students reading this. Take what you want, laugh at the other ridiculousness, and have fun camping. ;)

Other news around here: Because of the silly government shutdown, I technically don’t have my license yet. This makes things difficult for finding work as an LPN. However, I have an interview this week, and it sounds like the place is willing to work with my not having a license. But we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for all of the congratulations and well wishes!

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