If Ever I Were to Get a . .

Tattoo. Yeah, no I’m not thinking about it. (Warped sentence warning) For some extremely obvious reasons I’ll never get one, but also for the reason that the idea of that much pain scares me will I never get one.

However, I managed to run across this just recently. While I think the size and pain a bit unnecessary (not to mention the loud publicity of such an action over a sickness), there’s no way anyone would ever miss it. And, for people in the medical field, it’s slightly handy to have such a loud reminder.

But, good grief. Turn down the volume a bit, OK? There are nice little bracelets that can be worn. * shudders *

But I was talking about my idea. If ever I were to get a tattoo, it would probably be “ABC” in very small font across my inner wrist. That or my palm. Since I know it’s absolutely impossible to have the inside of your eyelids tattooed, that location’s out of the question. If it was always on my wrist or palm, I’d never forget it.

Airway. Breathing. Circulation. The key to winning the lottery. No, not really. But if answering questions on an NCLEX correctly is your idea of winning the lottery, then yes. It’s the key.

Then again, maybe this idea is an idea of cheating.

Chalk that one up for another reason to never get a tattoo . . . not even this one.



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