Una Actualización

(Google translate claims that “una actualización” means “an update”, so I’m trusting it. I know there are the occasional readers that know Spanish well, so if this is pathetic and wrong, blame my inability to come up with a better title.)

It’s about time I posted something here. As in, actually posting words that I type out. Lately, posts have been pictures and copy and pasted text. Mucho pathetic for someone out of spring semester.

Actually, nothing has really slowed down. If anything, things are going faster than before. The HESI exam retake is this upcoming Wednesday, and I have to have nine one-hundred question exams from the review software completed by then. And, to my utter shame and embarrassment of dullness of mind, I only have four completed and one started. Mind you, I’m studying, it’s just that the exams scare me a bit.

The internship went fantastically, and if boards were based on performance, I’d like to think that I’d pass with flying colors. Among other things, I was able to perform many “Nurse-like” duties: insertion and removal of an indwelling Foley catheter, IV priming and solution rate programing, nurse’s notes, IM (intramuscular) injections in places other than the deltoid (though, mind you, I did that spot at least once), measuring wounds, admission and discharge, etcetera. I was fortunate enough to observe during an epidural, allowed to be the provider of patient education during discharge, and blessed with very helpful and experienced nurses. The twelve-hour shifts got long, but they didn’t bother me as much as the driving to and from did. To make matters worse, the last two shifts’ (both 12-hour) drives involved so many dead animals on the road that I eventually stopped counting. That is, until I noticed a cat. Alright, alright, I’m soft, I know. But that was sad, and with my vulnerable, tired and easily played with head, I was bothered by it more than I normally am.

Of course, this was all finished at 1900 last Saturday. Boards have been paid for and I’m registered – now I just have to wait for the letter giving me the authorization to test. I highly doubt that my teachers will send any information through to confirm that I really have completed the course until Wednesday afternoon (at the earliest). This means, yet again, that I really have no idea when boards are going to be. If I was a person to chew my nails, I’d probably chew them down to absolutely nothing and walk into the exam with bandaged fingers.

That was gross. Sorry.

And here I was hoping to post something more worth your time. At least now you know where nursing school stands and that I haven’t completely fallen off the edge of the world.

Happy Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Una Actualización

  1. Eh, I’d bet you’re as good as anyone at wielding the tools of the internet; those spanish-readers probably had to look up the word too. Unless they’re actual Spaniards. Then they probably knew.

    Also thought it said “Nine hundred exams”. Yeesh.

  2. Oh. That’s the Spanish I used? Heh. Ignorance.

    Noooo way. If that was the case, I’d really be in trouble. Just nine. Nine long, tedious, helpful exams.

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