Off to the Wizard for a Brain

One word:


Yup, that’s all it takes. I’m terrified. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this bad last year, but various circumstances were vastly different from those of this year. I was terrified last semester, but now I feel as if I’m really playing with the big kids. If that means that I’m finally taking things as seriously as I should be, than yes, I guess I didn’t quite get it last semester. I’m terrified, but I’m positive that I’ll pass with something above a 76%. So, everything’ll wind up turning out. I’ll be taking off tomorrow night to spend the night before in the same city (pretty sure it’s ninety miles away). I feel better knowing that I don’t have far to go the day of.

As far as the title goes, yeah, I’m feeling a bit empty upstairs. For already said reasons.

Clinicals finished off smashingly, and I’m pleased to tell you that I have my preceptorship hours filled out – starting the week after finals. Lord willing, I’ll have all of my hours (plus some) completed before Memorial Day. Because of the quickness, paperwork will file sooner, and boards will be closer.

I hope that I’ll be able to post more worth-while reads after all of this craziness has passed. I’m afraid that this is turning into a bit of a journal. Until then, though, I appreciate your prayers.

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