Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

No, this isn’t a death notice.

No, I don’t have free time.

Yes, I’m still going to post.

I really hope I make it into online next year. While it is nice to get together with other students on such a regular schedule, I could probably get more studied while I’m not in class. I’m sure it would be great to be on the home campus where you can actually hear everyone talking about things, hear the question asked and not just the answer. It’s just one of the many disadvantages of ITV classes.

Ah, the HESI. It was as dreadful as I thought, and the Red Bull I drank surely didn’t contribute to a calm, confident attitude – but neither did sitting right next to a giant, loud printer. If I was tachycardic before the first person printing their results, I was probably fibrillating after. The questions were weird. In class, we’re taught all of these little details, and then we’re taught to take these little details and put them together to see the big picture. But, these questions were almost bigger than the bigger picture. They were just so vague. And if that’s how the NCLEX-PN exam is going to be, I am, quite frankly, doomed. It was really like looking at a bunch of answers, and deciding which answer is the best of all right answers – like flipping a coin or playing a game eenie meenie.

I do have to do the remediation (going through the review book of 96 chapters and turning in the exams from the CD), and I do have to retake the test. I was encouraged that I wasn’t the only one who has to retake (most of my classmates do too), and this means we’ll all be able to study together and remind each other of what we need to specifically remember. The retake is on the eighth of June.

Webex reviews are coming up next week, and to my utter shock and horror, I realized that two weeks from today happens to be finals. Everything’ll work out, but it’s just getting to the work to get it out that I’m stuck with.

Happy Monday!


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