Something Scary This Way Comes

This comic is pretty accurate. However, the fictional nursing student here probably had more sleep than I seem to provide myself with. I hear, “John has a headache”, and either I jump to the thought that he needs to drink more water or watch less TV, or I wonder if somebody’s checked to see if his neck is stiff to test for meningitis. I either see the little bump in the road or the volcano erupting . . . not so much the deer standing on the shoulder or the rain flooding the garden.  The pathophysiology is there, sure, but it’s the part that gets overlooked during non-clinical settings.

I don’t expect anybody to really understand what I just said. Case in point.

The HESI Exam is on Friday. Yes, that soon. I’ve contemplated calling everyone before it begins to say goodbye, but then I think of finals and boards, and figure that maybe I should wait.

I wish I was able to update more often with better reads, but now, my brain is thinking of school and not of blog. I can’t promise any posts between now and finals, so bear with me and I’ll share the news of happiness or gloom.

That, or I’ll have someone post my death notice on here.


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