Snowstorm and Cover and Testing, Oh My!

I know, the title’s cheesy.

I spoke too soon about the niceness of spring-ish weather. Tuesday night through Wednesday morning we were hit with the nastiness of chunky, sleety snow.

I was supposed to go to dialysis and clinic observations on Wednesday, but I barely made it to dialysis. When I squeaked through the door, goggled eyes peered at me in astonishment. They didn’t mind that a couple of students came, obviously, but schools were canceled (and about halfway through the observation, the college was too), trees were on the highway, employees were calling in with thousands of apologies, etcetera. I was glad I made it, and the slow drive there was well worth it.

We didn’t have clinicals on Thursday because of an engagement that our instructor needed to keep. This being so, I decided to figure out what to do about my stethoscope. For some reason, the brown has been fading and almost looking scuffed up. I don’t think that I’ve been too hard on it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it looks like I have. I found a great pattern here for a “stethoscope cozy”. I was planning on using some of our nice sock yarn, but decided instead to use our “Sugar and Cream” yarn. So, yes, it’s thicker than what the pattern shows, but I like it. The colors are a bit wild, but that’s fine. It feels great on my neck (not that the rubber stuff bothered me much . . ), it’s bright, and I think it’ll help to prevent any more scuffing.

The HESI test is on the 22 of April, and most of us are getting pretty nervous. It’s $48, and goes from 0900 to 1300. My dear mother purchased some review flashcards for me (instead of having to lug around the big book all the time), and they’re already coming in very handy.

Happy Saturday!


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