Une Minute

I’m on break. Don’t freak out. (Not that any of you were planning on it . . )

Storms are on the radar tomorrow, along with three hours of neuro unit in Nursing of the Adult II. I like neuro. Perhaps that’s because every time I go to work, I’m dealing with things from dementia to a head shunt. Though, maybe that has very little to do with it. Perhaps it’s because I seem to have such a thin grasp of what’s going on in my own upper story, that having things explained . . . . makes sense?

. . Meh. Case in Point.

I took a walk yesterday – around the neighborhood, I mean. Did I have time for that? Of course not. Don’t even ask. Snow’s melting, grills are going, birds are actually sounding alive. I figured I might as well bring along the camera, just to prove that the sun is actually shining. Rumor is, flooding will be pretty heavy this week.

Fall registration opened up at midnight today. So, at 1202, I was registered for Professional Nursing Skills, Nursing Across the Lifespan, and RN Clinical Applications. The closest clinicals get around here for RN year is Marshall/Sioux Falls. Lots of driving, but I’m really excited.

That is, until I remember boards in June.


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