Time Gone By

How the wind howls; it makes me miss our windy springs. The house creaks and groans, the windows shake, the rushing air sings like the sirens of old . . . Unfortunately, snow is on the radar this evening.

Ever get those moods when you decide to take a drive down reminiscent lane? I don’t get them too terribly often, and when I do, the lane usually consists of the past year or two. Tonight, I had a longer lane . . digging up emails from 2007, reading conversations from 2008, documents from 2005-2009, etcetera.

My first thoughts were of how immature I was, how poorly I typed. And then I looked at it in a more positive light. How immature, yes, compared to what I hope I am now, but how much I’ve grown since then, how happy these memories were. I laughed, read out loud, grinned and joked with my brother about the memories. How often I take moments for granted, and how good it is to be reminded to not take them for granted.

I’m just now realizing how scattered this post is. Forgive me. It makes sense to my 10,000 TPM (thoughts per minute) mind, though that isn’t a very good thing.

School starts up again on Monday, and tonight I plunged through four chapters in my NCLEX review book. There were diseases I’d never heard of, symptoms completely unknown, knowledge yet unlearned. I’ve a long way to go, but I’m becoming more hopeful at my prospects.

Until next time.


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