Lacking Patience

Spring break is here. Finally.

Of course, I’ll be studying quite a lot, but that’s OK. No classes or clinicals to worry about . . . and that’s something huge.

Speaking of huge, I finally have wireless working on this machine. My dear dad was able to get it fixed today. It hasn’t been working for quite some time now, and that meant that I had to drag the printer’s router around everywhere in the house. Of course, when I left home for another wi-fi place, it connected just fine. Technology. I don’t get it. Never have, and probably never will.

Actually, it’s only thanks to Dad that anything like a computer works around here. I’m not sure about the rest of the family, but I have the patience of a starving animal (i.e. none) when it comes to my computer, iPod, phone, printer, etc. I found a video on youtube that practically shows exactly how I react. Thing doesn’t work. Get all frustrated and walk over to glower. Press some buttons angrily. Peer at it about 40% sure you’ve brilliantly fixed the problem. It doesn’t work. Pound it. That didn’t work? Pound it again REALLY HARD! And, BLAM! Oops. Now, not only did you get your socks blown off and your whiskers curled with fright, you’ve really gone and broken it.

Yeah, I’m a dork. I’ve watched this a few times and I still laugh until I cry.

Moral of the video? Be a geek. Life gets easier that way.


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