I’d like a caffeine grande, please?

I’m once again at my current favorite Study Post – nodding over my large regular coffee and startling awake when the door jingles . . . This regular coffee is definitely a stretch from the “Foo-foo” drinks I normally purchase.

Monday begins spring break, and even though I have around two weeks to get this case study done, I figured that I’d get it done now and study my NCLEX book next week. As I recently went casual call at work, I’ll be able to get more studying (and . . relaxing) done. One of my classmates is on her way to Jamaica where she can, “Get some real spring out of break”. Unfortunately, she has no room to drag the rest of us out of this arctic tundra. Lucky her.

Clinicals went well this week. My patient was much like those I care for at the nursing home, and that was nice and familiar for midterms week. Our instructor’s getting a bit more picky on case studies though, and from what I hear, the next instructor is even worse about it. This is why I’m cranking out fifteen or sixteen pages each week (and that’s just for clinicals . . don’t even think about the other classes).

Midterms are done and passed, Intro to Ethical Theory is completed and passed, Maymester classes are registered for and humility is consistently being achieved. I’m grateful this is hard, and even more grateful that it’s harder for me than most of my classmates. I’m learning.

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