Half-Way There

It’s hard to believe that midterms are already here. I just took one, another opens tomorrow, spring break starts next Monday . . . etcetera.

Last week was a small break. We didn’t have clinicals, and this means that the make-up day we’d scheduled will have to be made up again. Apparently, we’ll be making it up this week by staying late on Thursday for an EKG class. This is our last week at this specific facility. Two weeks from now, we’ll be switching to a different one. I’ll miss having our current clinical instructor, but I’m looking forward to learning from another instructor in another setting.

Things are hard, but good. I’m learning how to value life more, and how much I take my own health for granted. This semester, I saw my first dead body right after death. As a child, I truly thought that people died looking exactly as they do in the coffin. As the patient was not mine, I and another student went to look and pay our respects. I couldn’t bring myself to feel the skin. I’m afraid that this is something that I must come to terms with so that I might be able to give my own patients care should that time come. The other student respectfully felt the patient’s hand and placed it back in place. She looked to me, and all I could do was bring the covers up. I didn’t know the patient, but as another was discharged, the family of the deceased quietly mourned. I fought tears as, in the next room, I grinned and sent my patient home.

How precious life is, and how quickly it is gone.

I signed up for the HESI test at my campus. The HESI test is a test similar to boards. The results let us know what we know well and what we need to work on in order to pass our boards in June. I’m a little nervous, but more excited to know exactly what I need to hit hard for the big test.

To any readers between the Twin Cities (locations in the Twin Cities not included) and Sioux Falls – I’m looking for a good hospital for my internship in May. I’m not saying that the hospitals I know of are poor and undesirable, but if there are any that you might know of that made a good impression on you, I’d be grateful to you for telling me.

I’m wearing thin, but, Lord-willing, growing stronger. This may be little physical labor, but when I go to work, the physical labor is much more relaxing than the mental work school presents.

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