Mid-night Incoherence

I hate all-nighters. My brain tends to shut down a quarter of the way through my work. I figure though, I’d rather pull an all-nighter a couple of nights before clinicals than the night before clinicals. The last thing a patient needs is a sleep-deprived nurse. Who knows what all could go wrong.

So, if I’m pulling an all-nighter, you might infer that I’m swamped. And . . . if I’m swamped, what on earth am I doing posting on my blog?

Well, I needed a break after finishing the nineteen pages of questions for my mental health unit. The Finding Nemo (*shudder*) Anterograde Amnesia slide show is completed, the mental illness review questions are done, half of the chemical dependency observation paper beckons, newborn review questions wail to be completed, and an Introduction to Ethical Theory final paper and final gnash their teeth wildly.

Times like these make me wish that I wasn’t in the program. Life seems so hectic with everything, and I forget to notice good things. I know all of this is worth it, but that’s something that I need to remind myself.

Tip for nursing students:
If you can possibly take all of your non-nursing courses before or the summers of your program, do it. I only have this Intro to Ethics, Medical Ethics and three to five credits of elective generals left. But, I plan on taking these left-overs during Maymester and/or the summer semester.

I plan on signing my intent to continue through to RN year tomorrow.


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