Of Super-ness

Yup, it’s true. I gave in. This post is super-awesome.

. . . . . Yeeaah.

I’ve no idea what on earth it’ll do to it, whether or not it will indicate that it really is super-awesome somewhere or not. Whatever. Now you know. No shock or horror necessary on your part.

No hospital clinicals this week. Instead, I spent Wednesday at a chemical dependency recovery center. They had me follow a middle-aged woman who was struggling with what people call Alcoholism . . . a disease.

I don’t think it’s a disease, but that discussion deserves a whole different post entirely.

Her day was filled with multiple sessions similar (if not exactly the same) to an AA meeting. I’d only ever heard about these sorts of meetings, but being there are listening really opened my eyes to what goes on.

Thursday, I slept in. Our instructor works at a well-known hospital in South Dakota and had a mandatory nursing meeting to attend. I spent the day completing a monthly dosage quiz, working on my chemical dependency observation paper, participating in a “Stigma of Mental Illness” discussion in Nursing of the Adult II, and taking it easy. I’d forgotten how drained I felt after finishing a case study last semester, so naturally with a harder case study, it was like getting a double-whammy of bricks thrown inside my skull. I think I spent a total of twelve hours on that case study. Ten of those hours were straight. That may sound like a silly whine, but when you spend that many hours on the pathophysiology of the various medications a patient is on, the rationale for specific treatments, and why each and every lab test was performed, it’s no wonder I feel so stupid. How I’ll somehow pass boards this summer is yet unknown and almost seems like an impossibility.

But I must away. It’s already Saturday, and I’d planned to watch “Finding Nemo” for a project on retrograde amnesia for our mental illness unit. I know. Finding Nemo.

Happy Saturday.


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