Falling and School (Respectively, mind you)

I really have no idea why I wear those stupid wannabe Ugg boots on snow. The tread is ridiculously fake. My clean falling record of last year has been dirtied a few times this year. I was late to my Intro to Ethics class only because my boots thought it was a good idea to get a snow facial. And when I showed up, I was the only one on my particular site.


Snow closed down the campus here at noon and my home campus at four. I don’t quite know how the driving is, but I do know that the snow-plows didn’t quite keep some of the roads in town as clear as it might be. I’ve no idea how it is outside of town, but I hope that the roads are better than some of ours here. Being that I’m from the Cities where the snow-plowers are kept on speed-dial and practically observe the streets like cops, this is a bit different.

Of course, I would have liked to be able to have class ITV today, but there are many of my classmates that are online. Things will go fine, and the notes for the Labor and Delivery and Surgical units are really well done this week.

Clinicals went well last week. Mornings still don’t come easy, and unfortunately I’m lacking desire to fix that. The facility where we are still does a lot of charting on (in?) actual charts instead of computers, so that means only one person has access to the charts at a time. During the day, not only do the primary nurses need the charts, but so do the doctors and medical records. This leaves a sea of blue and white fabric haunting the station with a look of paranoid nervousness.

Nurse’s notes are easier this semester. I feel like I actually know some of what I’m writing down. It’s a bit scary to be in the position of even small responsibility with patients. I love it, but if I were them, I’d be freaked out. I’ve zilch experience and the title “Student” doesn’t exactly build confidence. Eyes of the patient’s family glue themselves to every little thing done.

My instructor allowed me to have dibs on any patient last week since it was my first time on the floor. I’ve worked with geriatrics not only in clinicals, but in both of my nursing home jobs, and I felt it was about time I took care of a peds patient. Almost all of my coworkers that have gone to nursing school have said that they absolutely hated peds because it’s so hard to see the patients in that helpless, vulnerable state. I figured I might as well find out how bad it really was.

This wasn’t so bad as they said, but I’ve wanted to work with peds and/or OB/GYN for a couple of years now. Wednesday night and Thursday involved strict recording of I&O (intake and output), QID (times a few, actually) vital signs (I love how great the itty-bitty stethoscope is), syringed (not a word, I know) oral medications, a nebulizer treatment, lots of isolation gowning-up, and many patient tears. Quite frankly, I loved it. I was very young when my brother was that age, so I wasn’t very involved in his care. I’m glad to have had the opportunity, and hope for many more.

Something that really felt monumental was writing my name on the white board in the room. Seems somewhat silly, I suppose, since anyone can do that . . . including the aide. But this was different. Obviously, there was the title “Student Nurse” instead of just “Nurse”, but it was something.

This week should go better, I’m thinking. I’m trying to be as paranoid about my organization as I am about charting. I think it’ll help.

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