Monday Madness

Funny. If I want to, I can check a box here to tell the world that, “This post is super-awesome” (it would either have to be extraordinarily unlike me, and beautifully done – inspiring a kind of dread . . . or it would have to be horribly done, at least more so than usual, and to the point of fear and dread for the state of my mind). If I ever found the need to check it, my poor readers would probably be scarred for life.


From the moment class begins at ten to Monday next at ten, life shall be a whirlwind. Three Four tests, multiple assignments, a couple papers, two days of clinicals, dreadful hair days, four days of work, nyquil, gallons of coffee, ironing scrubs, etcetera.

Wednesday and Thursday will show what I’ll get to do in clinicals. Obviously, because I was in surgery last week, I’ll have a patient this week . . . (We all keep crossing our fingers for an OB.) I’m excited to get into this and learn the ropes on the floor.

But I’d better be off. All this talk of busy makes me wish for more hours in the day, and there’s no way I’ll find those posting on my blog.


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