Week 2, Semester 2 – LPN Year

I’d like to think I’m getting the hang of this, but who am I kidding?

I’m taking fourteen credits this semester (Nursing of the Adult II – 5 credits; Family Nursing – 2 credits; Clinical Applications II – 6 credits; Introduction to Ethical Theory – 1 credit). This is nice and I can tell how that much more stressful my previous three to five extra credits makes life. I feel like I’m learning more and better than before. Of course, this could be because I’ve learned many of the basics by now.

We had orientation in the hospital setting yesterday, and towards the end, our instructor gave out assignments for today. Interestingly enough, I was placed in surgery. So while the others were filling out their research studies and getting their case studies ready and digging through MARs, I was reading up on colonoscopies, the roles of everyone in an OR, etcetera. I was excited, but not exactly to the point of jumping up and down in wild excitement.

5:30 AM came soon enough, and it was then that I resolved to become more of a morning person (*groan*). Ice caked the car, and going out there to scrape it off after I put my hair up in -35 windchill was really stupid. Apparently this Minnesotan has some more fur-growing to do. I shuffled into the hospital at 6:20 and sat down with the others for preclinical. Because the first colonoscopy patient wasn’t arriving until 7:30, I was getting ready to tag-team with another student.

And then the nurse showed up, carrying her large mug and looking in dire need of coffee (which she got). After finding out I was her girl, she towed me off to the small same-day surgery suite and rooms. There were seven colonoscopies that day, and we were to be on two of the cases. She let me read through their files and histories, and it surprised me how well I was able to understand the CBC, previous surgeries (names, that is), and so on. It’s nice to be reminded that one really is learning no matter how clueless they feel.

She let me bleed an IV, remove a port, and stand next the the surgeon during procedures.Two whole colons and no queasies later, I realized how much I’d like surgery.

But we’ll have to see. Nothing was cut open or sewn, and I wasn’t required to wear OR getup. There’s a chance I may not like it nearly so much in the OR proper.

I’m hoping things will keep going this smoothly, so we’ll see how this goes!

For your enjoyment and amusement: My Colonoscopy by Dave Barry. I post this for those who are willing to be grossed out a little . . . or any nursing student, nurse, etc. It’s hilarious, but I’ve stopped being grossed out by stuff like this. Be ye warned!

3 thoughts on “Week 2, Semester 2 – LPN Year

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I love your blog, especially all the details that you provide about your experiences. I’m a semester behind you in school and it is very helpful to read your blog and get some idea about what I’ll be getting into soon. Keep blogging! I’m living in the Midwest also and the snow is getting to me. Yesterday my lab class was cancelled due to the 8 inches of snow that fell the night before. Now I’ll need to make that up too. Oh well, we will endure.


  2. Jen –
    I’m so glad! I know how great and helpful it is to talk to those ahead of me. As far as the weather goes, I suppose that’s what gets dished to us in the Midwest. :P
    I can’t remember if I read somewhere on your blog what your going for . . is it an ADN or BSN program you’re in? Keep it up!

    Caleb –
    You know, with this weather, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But people would look at me funny.

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