Spring Semester Begins

Tomorrow I start my second semester of my LPN year. Whether or not that means anything to you, it’s huge. I never knew I’d make it this far.

Books are ordered, tuition bill printed, schedule carved into my planner, and so on. I probably should have worked on lifting weights to build my back strength. This backpack’s a doozy. I printed up my graduation request form a few weeks ago with every intention of filling it out, paying the $25, and striding across a stage in royal blue in May. Since then, I’ve decided not to participate in this year’s graduation. I may next year, but I’m not even sure about then. I don’t want to go and make a big deal about passing all of my classes before I’ve even bothered passing my internship . . . not to mention the NCLEX-PN exam. (If I pass that, you can count on my celebrating.)

Clinicals involve not only the hospital this semester. There’s also a daycare setting, a mental health center, dialysis unit, and surgical observation setting.

I’m well aware that readers here are far and few, but I’m really hoping to keep this blog updated, and my writing skill more improved (it’s really pathetic). If not, you can join me in signing a petition to stop nursing teachers from killing their students.

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