Clinical 4 + Much Ado About Nothings = Weekly Post

Well, Clinical 4 went by without a hitch. At least . . . I think so. I’ll have to wait to see how my teacher evaluated me.

I think that the anxiousness before clinicals is diminishing (much to my great relief). Because of this, I’m able to get more done the morning before I leave. Case studies are getting easier too. Yes, they’re still just as long, but the more I do, the quicker they go and the more understanding I have.

My favorite part? Giving medications. I was really nervous about that at the beginning. It was all I could do to just remember the rule of checking thrice and what each medication is given for . . . This too, obviously, is becoming more comfortable.

School keeps going. Unfortunately, finals are coming up. Those terrify me more than the alligator I believed lived downstairs when I was four. And that alligator ate little girls whole, so naturally, I was really, really, really terrified of it. Of course, all I can do is my best, and wherever that lands me is what I must content myself with.

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I’m rather excited to have a break – even if only for a few days. Of course, if finals go well, I’ll be on cloud nine during winter break (the afternoon of December 14 to January 10).

Anyways, it would seem that I’ve developed a habit of posting for each clinical . . consider yourself “filled in”.


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