Clinical 3 + LPN Year Week 12

School doesn’t go smoothly, but it’s not quite rocky. It’s much more like a weekly train-wreck in slow motion, complete with the low-pitched “Nooooo . . . ” yells. What’s different though, is that in the end, everyone lives – with little or no casualties or injuries.

. . . .

Case studies, study, clinicals, study, review questions, physiology labs, tests, study, review questions, case studies.

I’m sorry to admit that my mood about matches the train-wreck per week. I suppose this has largely to do with sleep deprivation.

Clinical 3 went well enough. Surprisingly, I wished that I was passing meds like I had last week.
Is it possible to have a blue too bright? I’m not so sure yet, but this uniform just might be close. It’s alright though, royal blue is beautiful . . . just in proportion.

My apologies for the disjointedness of this post, if I don’t update now, I’ll completely forget.

For those in South Africa reading this –
I’ll get those emails replied to.
I miss you!

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