Clinical 1 Done

So, my first clinical was this past Thursday. Unlike we’d been told by instructors (like, giving flu shots and stuff like that), we spent the day touring the place, filling out case studies, defining diagnoses, and generally feeling rather overwhelmed.

Because of Fall break next week, we won’t have any clinicals. This means that we get around two – three weeks to finish the case studies, personal care plans, medical information, etc.

As an aide, I worked days. Contrary to what you hear almost all of the evening aides tell you, the good ones (and that’s the only way to make it on day shift) worked like mad, dealt with the management there before they left, saw doctors’ visits, bathed the residents, etc. That’s exactly why I chose evening shift for clinicals. I want as much time as possible to get the actual nursing things right, and day shift isn’t nearly as good for that as evening shift. Wouldn’t I get more experience as an SPN during the day shift? Oh, maybe. But things are so hectic, and I – for one – would be more likely to make a mistake.

Lazy? Naw, I don’t think so.


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