LPN Year – Week Unknown

I woke up late this morning. Later than I have for a very long time. Instead of saying, “Oh well, that happens”, or, “I really needed the sleep”, I trudged out to the kitchen full of self-loathing made oatmeal and grabbed a cup of coffee.

That’s not going to happen again.

I learned how to give injections last week in labs. Yesterday, we covered catheterization and ostomy care. It’s amazing how quickly all of this is going. I have two weeks left of labs, and then – in three weeks – I’ll begin clinicals at the local nursing home. I’m finally beginning to understand that silly label, “WARNING: Student Nurse. Knows just enough to be highly dangerous.”

I have three tests opening today: Pharmacology Quiz 3, Pharmacology Dosage Quiz 3, and Elimination Lab Quiz. The Lab Quiz shouldn’t be too difficult since we covered everything in lab yesterday, and the Dosage Quiz is the only one of the Pharmacology quizzes right now that scares me a little. As long as I do well enough for an 85% or higher, I won’t have to retake it. I don’t like having to retake things.

Here’s a question on the worksheet to do before the quiz:
Question 10
If Anavar were ordered q.i.d. rather than every 6 hours, would you expect the patient to receive the same number of pills in 24 hours? Yes or No

Now, obviously, this is easier than answering, “Mysoline 1.5 grams daily is prescribed. Mysoline liquid is labeled 250mg per 5 mL. Give ___________ mL.” But that’s just fine with me. I’ll figure out the hard math. :)

All of this to say – I’m still alive and hope that all of you are too. :)


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