Home, School, Etc.

I have some time now, so I’d better make it quick.

One word:

Customs was an absolute nightmare in Atlanta. Even the people pushing us through said it was crazier than usual. They tagged my bags since I had to claim some spices and dried fruit, but I was able to keep everything. I managed to make it panting up to the gate as they said over the intercom that I and a few other people were going to be offloaded if they didn’t show up within the next couple of minutes.

I’m so glad I’m home and able to help with everything going on. I’m currently home alone and will be for the next couple of days. Dad’s been having some serious trouble with his back, and a surgeon in the Cities booked him for a surgery tomorrow. We hope to see him up and on his feet soon!

Home is hot, well, it has been . . . especially since today is turning out to be absolutely gorgeous. Seventy-three degrees and slightly windy makes for absolute wonderfulness.

Unfortunately, though, I can’t really go out there and spend an afternoon soaking up vitamin D and wind. School doesn’t call, it hollers. I was super excited to come home to these books, but I hadn’t realized how much!

The binder at the top is actually full of stuff that I had to buy for labs, so it does count.

I’d better be off. I just finished a paper in Pharmacology, but there’s a lot more to do . . .

To any South African friends reading this: Much love!


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