My last morning in Johannesburg : Day 47

Time: 8:03 A.M.
Plans : Try to look decent so the general public isn’t frightened, and then get cleaned up after lunch
Packed? : Check
Status : Excited in a strange, just-woke up way
Temp : about 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’ll get warmer today

I can’t believe that it’s my last day here. Really, I can’t. According to the number of days, tomorrow, when I get home, will be day 48. That’s seven weeks.

Seven weeks! Time truly is a mysterious thing.

I probably won’t post on here again until I get home. There are so many things that I haven’t written about that I wished I had. But, I suppose, that leaves me with more stories that I can tell back home.

My hosting family here is truly wonderful for having me so long, creating opportunities for me, taking time, giving food, shelter, encouragement – the list could go on and on and on. They’ve been great examples to me in how Christ works, and how to remember that He is in control of everything.

The friends that I have made are friends that I will keep as long as God has me on this earth. Dominique and Bianca have been two of the most edifying young women that I’ve known, and I’ve loved every minute that I’ve spent with them. Candy’s sweet spirit and amazing testimony have taught me much, and (thanks to facebook ;) ) I hope to keep contact with her for a very long time. Every family in the church that has taken time to show me around, encourage me, laugh at my occasional cultural mistakes or confusion, taught me – well, that makes pretty much every one of them – I can’t begin to show my gratitude for reminding me how the Body truly is family no matter where you’re from.

I’ve learned the accents, many differences, and some customs. Each took a while to get used to, and I think that it might feel a bit different not to hear, “How’s it?”, “Shame!”, and the honking of taxis everywhere. But, I think that going to a place where the accents are my own, the thinking is what I grew up with, the airports more familiar, and the security more just will be good. I’m so looking forward to seeing my family and friends! Not to mention getting my hands on those school books. :)

If ever there was a way that I could convey my love, gratitude, and sheer wonder at the beautiful things shown me, given me, and taught to me, I would. But this is not to be. Perhaps someday. Until then, I’ll continue to try.

I’d better be off! A day awaits, and an evening at the airport before my sixteen and a half hour flight looms.


P.S. to the people picking me up – I’m planning on wearing my bright yellow SOUTH AFRICA shirt on the way back. There’s no way you’ll miss me. :)

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