Day 40

Bunny Chow!

Oh, and if you want, cilantro for garnish
Outcome = delicious

Here’s some jasmine. I love the smell of this flower. In fact, when I look at perfumes and see jasmine listed in the ingredients, it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll like it. The wall around the house has this vining over it, and during the summer, it blooms and graces the premises with its beauty and fragrance.

Because I leave in a week, I’m trying to make sure that everything stays in order. Here’s the stuff that I bought that is ethnic down here. Of course, I had to purchase a few other things during my stay, but this is what I’m showing.

The rest of this week promises to be busy and fun. Tomorrow, we’re going to a lion park, and tomorrow afternoon-evening I’ll be with a few ladies from the church here. The people are so welcoming, and I’ve certainly felt at home. Friendships that I’ve made down here are friendships that will probably continue for the rest of my God-given life.

Those reading back home: I’ll see you in eight days!



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