Day 38

Why do I read things about spiders? Really! Am I blind to the problems I cause myself every time I do?

Well, anyways. I’d heard a lot about the common rain spider down here (well, at least I heard about it in Cape Town), and decided to look up some images just to get an idea.


I stopped that disturbing activity and decided to look at Wikipedia for more information and less pictures. The thing’s harmless enough, but rather intimidating-looking in comparison to the little spiders I freak out about back home. They’re also known as the Huntsman spider, and (from what I heard) appear often in the rainy season. Up here in Joburg, the rainy season isn’t for some time, but down in Cape town, it’s the rainy season during the winter.

I dealt with some other (well, very few) bugs since being here. In one of the chalets at the camp grounds in Cape Town, I attacked (much to some children’s amusement) a couple of Christmas beetles with a broom. However, when the locust flew in, I ran and peeked out as a nice, albeit slightly unsympathetic (and who could blame him) person got rid of it.

When it comes to this rain spider, though, I can assure you that I would make a rather large production with not much noise. From past experience, shampoo bottles work as great missiles against large, water-seeking spiders.

Yesterday I went to an Indian family’s house and learned how to make a traditional Indian curry. It was absolutely delicious, but very spicy. I have a hunch that the spicy I had wouldn’t go over very well at home. However, the Indian Masala spice mix is what makes it so spicy, and that’s easily taken care of. A little kick isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t be willing to give a huge kick to family and friends. I also learned how to make Samossas. Those are absolutely delicious – but since I’m running out of steam, I’ll let you all Google them. :)

The stomach bug’s hit this house pretty hard, and I’m doing my best to keep my head above the water.

This upcoming Thursday, we’re heading to a concert. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’d better be off. My tea tank is running low, and I need to rectify the problem.


6 thoughts on “Day 38

  1. I know I am deciding to comment on a older post, but spiders are so cool! Soooo….. about how big is this common rain spider anyway?Is it furry?
    A little (or big) spicy kick in food is welcome now and then! Maybe you could teach us what you were taught when you get back?

    From what I heard, and from a couple of pictures the family in Cape Town showed me, they are furry, relatively large, and (to me at least) terrifying.
    Yes! A sweet Indian lady in the church here gave me an Indian Masala spice mix that she makes, along with some Garam Masala (used in Briyani, something that’s *really* nice), so I’m hoping to make the stuff when I get home!

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