Day 34

These numbers for the days just keep getting bigger, don’t they? It’s really amazing that I’ve been here this long. Even more amazing that it’s flown by this fast! Two weeks from today, I’ll be back in Minnesota.

This trip really has been and continues to be amazing. I can’t thank my hosts in Joburg and Cape Town enough for their hospitality, love, and willingness to put up with me. I’ve grown in different ways, and I look at the world with new eyes now. How easily I forgot its God-made vastness in comparison with my simple, small human mind and body.

I was able to get a window seat on my flight today. Flying over the mountains (pollution haze or no) was positively breathtaking. As we took off, I said goodbye to Table Mountain. I know not if I shall see her again, and it was lovely meeting her and seeing her majestic height every day.

I am starting to feel a bit run-down. That sounds so silly to say since I’m not working. I think that perhaps this feeling is a result of missing home. Please pray that that feeling doesn’t get out of hand, and that I miss home in the right way and in the right amount.

Skype has been wonderful. I’ve been able to stay in contact with my family throughout this trip. I’m especially glad that I can talk to my Mom and Dad about different things regarding what they think I should do. Because of the time difference, it’s sometimes hard to be able to chat, but we’ve made it work. Bandwidth isn’t very nice about video-chat, but the talk-chat is nice and has higher quality than actual phoning does.

I’m hoping to make different things that I’ve tried here for friends and family back home. It’ll be great fun, and delicious. I tried pickled onions the other day, and . . . . I didn’t love or hate the things. I think that the flavor and tang was just unfamiliar and completely unexpected. So! Home-City friends, be warned.

My love and prayers to everyone. To finish off, here’s a picture from a scenic drive in Cape Town:

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