Day 26

Hullo! I suppose that it’s about time for another “wordy post” on here. I guess that you all deserve that. :) . . . Don’t take that too seriously, by the way. I feel no sense of drudging obligation to post.


Things are going very well. Amidst all the mountains, colors, rain, sun, encouragement, ocean, good food, and fun times, it would be hard not to find things going well. The Lewis family brought me around the Cape, and that meant that I got to see the stadium used for the world cup. Mrs. Lewis took a picture with me standing in front of it, but the way I had my thumbs up . . . well, it didn’t really look like they were up. They were more out than anything. Besides, this picture here’s better and you can see it from on top.

We also went down to the Waterfront. It’s really baffling coming from Minnesota to a place where you look in front to see the horizon of glittering water, and to the back – where mountains surround the horizon. The streets here are much different, and here’s one by the Waterfront. A bit steep, no? Well, it was crazy, and it’s not the only street of its kind in the area. We saw some Guinea Fowel by the road too. They’re large, strange-looking birds, and they seem to be pretty common.

The vuvuzela. Honestly, if you thought that you’d heard noise makers before, consider yourself deceived. These things are loud, obnoxious, and almost sound like sick geese or something. If any of you watched any of the games from FIFA’s World Cup, you probably heard that consistent buzzing sound of the vuvuzelas. They must’ve run rampant or something. I’m planning on bringing one home, but don’t think that I’ll be lending it out. :)

Ah, well.

Today was quiet. I learned how to wire and bead silverware, and got six spoons done. I’ll post pictures sometime, but I must be off and unto sleep.

You can count on some recipes this week, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. I think you should CARRY the vuvuzela onto the plane with you–maybe other passengers will rearrange to give you more space.

    I look forward to seeing your pretty spoons and of course the recipes!

    Did you see the boat that the whale landed on or was that a different part of the Cape coast?

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