Day 24

Ostrich. Yes, I liked it. No, I didn’t think I would. It’s a bit tougher than anything I’ve had before, and it’s a completely different flavor. It has very little fat, and is supposed to be one of the healthiest meats for you.This is in biltong form. Biltong is sort of like what we call jerky.

Here in Cape Town, the biggest food items grown are grapes and wheat. There are wineries everywhere, and that means that the mountains and hills have rows upon rows of vineyards. It’s amazing. In the above picture, you see a field of canola. Canola (used for margarine, oils, etc.) is very common down here, and these yellow fields stick out more than anything.

Just to remind someone that I’m not completely forgetting home . . . .

Welcome to Afrikaans.

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