Day 20 – Late

I’ve just finished packing (except for things like toothpaste, brushes and foundation, of course) for my two week jaunt to Cape Town. The family down there is so gracious (just like the family here) to have me so short notice for two weeks. I’m truly looking forward to getting to know them.

The flight leaves at 14:20 and cost me R699. Pretty cheap for a two-hour flight. It’s about (according to the formula for converting km to miles) 795.35512606336 miles. :)

From more recent information, there is some hope that you’ll see more of these posts while I’m down there. But I’m not saying for certain.

The power went out today. Suddenly, and in the broad daylight it did. I guess it’s normal for that to happen down here, and fortunately it only lasted for almost an hour or so.

I’m in my “get-up” again right now, since it’s around eleven PM. I’m freezing, and the fact that I didn’t get a chance to blow-dry my hair only makes me colder with its dampness. I’m sure that this upcoming Minnesotan winter will feel different to me now that I’ve experienced this.

Cheers, everyone! I’m still sounding American, so breath easy! :)

2 thoughts on “Day 20 – Late

  1. Sorry I kept you from blow-drying your hair! Give the de Bruyn’s and the Lewis’s my best regards. May your trip to Capetown be safe and may your work with the Lewis family be edifying for all.

  2. Don’t be sorry! Really! And I will do that. I’ve just had a little bit of contact with them on Skype (chat), and I’m really looking forward to meeting them.
    I hope that Sunday shines bright and warm for all of you.

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