Day 19 – Early

Instead of replying to the nicely left comment in yesterday’s post with a comment, I’ll reply with a post. It wouldn’t make too much sense to answer all those questions in a post-length comment.

First Question:
Where is my Jabberboxiness?

Well, at the time of yesterday’s post, my jaberboxiness resided in the sleeve of my well-loved pea coat. I’d left it there after church, and honestly forgot about it in the quietness. Though you will be glad to know that I yanked it out later before practicing flute.

Second Question:
Is my cold any better?

Yes, it is. It’s mostly gone, actually. I think that the unfamiliar, disgusting-looking, horrid-tasting medicine did a lot of the work getting rid of the infection. I really was hoping it would since I didn’t want to have to deal with insurance stuff right then.

Third Question:
Where is the Koi?

Ah, now there’s a good question. I liked that theme immensely, but decided to go with something a bit more . . . oh, sophisticated. I’m loving the header image that came with this theme, so that makes up for it.

Fourth Question:
Do those great boots hurt your feet?

Great boots. Ah, yes. You know, they don’t hurt. After a day’s worth of walking, my feet might be a little sore, but only that. They’re mostly comfortable and warm.

Fifth Question:
What do you do on “regular” days when you don’t go out?

Well, I live the life of the family here. That means staying in, doing school, meals, naps, etc.

Sixth Question:
Well, actually . . . those last two questions, I’ll let you figure out for yourself.

And for your particular benefit, here’s part of the shirt I’m wearing today. :)

There’s been a little bit of talk of perhaps arranging for me to be able to go to Cape Town. It’s positively gorgeous down there (so I’m told), and I think it might even be warmer. Anyways, going would provide me with more perspective on the country and not just this city. Whether it works out or not, I’ll be satisfied.

5 thoughts on “Day 19 – Early

  1. Thanks for the fantastic update. I printed your blog out for Grandma and Grandpa Czech to read and they loved it. They are very proud of you and think that this is such a wonderful opportunity for you. I am glad to hear that your cold is almost gone. I too am enjoying your posts. (I print them for Uncle Steve to read too!). We love you.

  2. Thanks for the great post! I think I liked the koi better than the idyllic lane with the shadowy figure stalking me on it…but that’s me. The shirt is beyond words–can’t wait to see it in person (will I need Dramamine?)I think I will risk the wrath of Caleb and call it COOL too… Are we past the half-way point yet?

  3. Auntie Sue – You’re welcome! Thank you (again) so much for the camera! I’m glad that you print these out to read. Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them, and that I just sent off a postcard to them today. It should take a few weeks. It costs a bit to send them overseas (about $.70 for a postcard), but I’ll see if I can’t get one off to you too. :)

    Dandelionmon – You’re welcome. :D Yeah, I knew you would. And don’t worry, my header-man doesn’t stalk. He sulks, mopes, or observes . . . depending on his mood. Yeah, crazy shirt, huh? Almost I-can’t-believe-Jenn-even-bothered-to-look-at-that-shirt-once? Well, that print is only on the sleeves. The rest of the shirt is the green color. And I think we are close to the half-way point. My countdown widget says that there are 27 days before I head home. :)

  4. Now your header reminds me of Ransom.
    The shirt is positively CHILLY!

    And Caleb…something about me makes me want to do that more than anything else right now. I just cannot quite determine if that was a request or a gauntlet.

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