Day 16

Boots are very common down here. And no, not those cheepo, fake-leather kind. These are the real deal. Considering how cold it is, how much cheaper they are here than in the States, and that they fit perfectly, I went ahead and purchased them. They’re made here in ZA, so it’s a very authentic, cultural purchase. :)

I’ve consumed more tea since I’ve been here than I probably did in a year back home. But, mind you, the picture above isn’t tea.

It’s coffee.

I’m doing my best to cut back on the amount of sugar I put in my hot drinks, and this morning I cut back enough to grimace at the first few sips of the dark Starbucks’ Cinnamon brew. I grew used to it, obviously, and achieved the desired end of enjoying the bitterness.

It’s been much colder the past few days. So cold, in fact, that the wind seemed to whistle around the house last evening. I’ve started to use my scarf as something to keep my hands warm, and though it looks funny, it works.

My love to everyone who craves air conditioning instead of heat.


2 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. Thanks! Without seeing them next to someone’s legs, you don’t exactly understand quite how tall they are.

    I’m not . . . . going to say how much I paid for them, but I will say that with the allowances that I have, it was extremely reasonable.

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