Day 13

Here are a few observations from the chilly land of ZA:

1. People here are extremely open with each other. I’ve especially noticed this in the body of believers at the church I am attending. I can’t help but wonder if perhaps this is due to the way their culture works along with God’s grace abundantly working in each person’s life. The unity of this body is strong, not only connected, but connected by that flesh and blood of His body that it is supposed to have. It’s so very obvious that this body truly is a family, that to doubt it would be utter foolishness.

Last week’s sermon was something that only confirmed the openness. If we are not open with each other, we are not loving as we ought to love.

2. People here say things like, “now, now” and, “just now” the way we say “one sec”, “just a moment”, “Hold on”, “Gimme a minute”, and “coming soon”. I’m finally catching on, but whenever I hear, “now, now”, it just makes me think that perhaps the person didn’t mean to say that little word twice.

3. And last, but not least, you leave your shoes on indoors. This is (not that you need me to tell you) a huge deal in MN. Though we were talking about that, and concluded that perhaps this is due to the great amount of dirt, sludge, etc. tracked on shoes in MN. There isn’t so much of that dirty stuff to track around here, so it wouldn’t even be an issue.

There you have it.

And for those of you who are wondering, I’m doing alright. I’ve been battling a cold that seems to only get worse, but I think that the only reason why I’m having such a hard time of it is because of the state my immune system is in in this cold. Other than that, I’m comfortable, encouraged by my wonderful hosting family, safe, alert and enjoying everything.

I . . . . did stand in front of the dryer for almost ten minutes this afternoon. And, yes, it does emit heat. Lots of wonderful heat.

4 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. Bummer! I am sorry you are sick. You probably don’t even know your hosts well enough to feel like you can get a little whiney or (dare I say it?) cranky–both of which always help when you don’t feel well. :P Really though-I’ll be praying you feel better soon so you can take full advantage of your time there and feel 100% yourself. Chicken soup?

  2. Oh, it’s no big deal. When we went to Pic n’ Pay yesterday, we looked at medications, and though it was all unfamiliar, I purchased some with the hope of relief. Erin assures me that their doctor is wonderful and that I shouldn’t hesitate to ask if I need to go. I’m trying to hold out though, since that’s $$ and working through some complicated stuff regarding my traveler’s insurance.

    My hosts probably would put up with me if I was whiney or cranky. I just don’t want to be . . . I don’t like giving in to the cold, you know. ;)

    And thanks! I knew that by not saying that I was sick and that I was alright, it would be breaking those unstated but understood rules for my posts here. Other than that, I probably would’ve kept it to myself.

    And no, not chicken soup, but we’ve had bangers and mash, very flavorful foods, etc. And those help. :)

    How is your family doing?

  3. Oh thou of slight irony. Bangers and mash is a British meal if ever there was one. :)

    If that means what I think it does, then yes, I shall be.

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