Day 10

Erin, my hostess brought me with on an outing to the Johannesburg Zoo. These pictures are only a few of many, for there was much to be seen.

My jacket has been extremely useful as of late, and I can’t help but wish that I’d remembered gloves. It is cold, especially at night. Though today was different. While we were out, it was comfortable, warm, sunny, and breezy. It reminded me of those lovely early autumn evenings in Minnesota.

This bird had the weirdest knees ever. See them?

We’re preparing for Sunday, and so I was able to make blondies (shocker, I know). Interestingly enough, the brown sugar here is really dark and sticky. It makes for fantastic caramel flavor, and though these will look more like brownies, I’m pretty sure they’ll taste more like blondies than any other pan I’ve made.

Sooo, that means that the next time we go to the grocery store, I’m grabbing a bag . . . . or two.


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