Why College?

As most know, I’m a professing believer, anti-feminist, young, single woman. Why would I even consider college? My hope is to one day be a wife and mother – so, how does college help me? There’s been quite a bit of talk going on here, and with my family regarding this.

(Now, before I continue, I must make it very clear that I am attending college for a vocational training in nursing. It is more desirable to attend for education, but I’m doing this.)

It’s rather unfortunate that we’ve completely dismissed the idea of college for young women. We hear stories of young ladies gone awry from their college experiences, and immediately jump to the conclusion that college is bad. That . . . well, that’s a rather hasty jump, and it’s really unfair to those godly women that we know who have attended college and come back a better person.

A Christian young woman’s goal in life is like any other’s: to glorify God. That means that whatever we do should be done with the desire to glorify Him. Yes – brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, obeying authority. What about going to college? Pursuing further education? Cannot these be done with the desire for His glorification? And if so, how does the argument for no college stick?

Now, obviously, the biggest concern here would be that the young woman would only attend college with dollar signs in her eyes, and desire for independence from her father and future husband in her heart and mind. But, again, though this is an issue and a problem, not every young Christian woman attends college for this reason.

Then why am I pursuing a vocational degree? Why would I do that if I wished to be a wife and mother? A degree in nursing is something that will get me a job in the medical field. Why?

I’ll tell you: I want to care for the sick.

Mothers do that, I know. And the same often goes for many others. But, as a nurse, I shall have obtained a higher knowledge, and thus better prepared myself for caring for the sick. With this degree, I don’t essentially need to wear the scrubs and keep my nails clean and hair up to care and help. I can do a better job as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother in this area with this degree.

But all this is still nothing if I have no desire to glorify God.

College also enables mothers to be more free from the government when it comes to home schooling. With that degree under her belt, the government takes her word, lets her administer required standardized testing (Yes, that’s according to the law. If it isn’t done, you’re breaking it, and therefore disobeying the authority that God has seen fit to put over you.), and generally leaves her alone and lets her do education as she wishes to do.

But I digress.

All I’m saying is, don’t dismiss it. College for a young woman is no sin. She can still continue to glorify God, serve her father, and prepare herself for a household during a college experience. Might it be more difficult than doing all that while working around the house and other various tasks and hobbies? Well, yes. But why shy away from that?

While I wait for my opportunity to be what women have been called to do, why shouldn’t I pursue this? Why would it be bad for me to occupy my time in this fashion? By preparing myself in this way, and by keeping my desire to glorify God, am I really straying from the Biblical picture of a woman?

I don’t think so.

One thought on “Why College?

  1. Why on earth would you be required to defend yourself on this decision in the first place?!? Is this a bizarre case of some sort of tradition versus actual Scripture, or are you suddenly making friends with people who are into the Koran?

    Having been exposed to some of the hoops homeschoolers are required to jump through, your paragraph about it is well-founded. Your motivation and care are also admirable, as too many people lack the ability or the wherewithal to bother attending to others in that way. However even without the clarification, I find it hard to imagine anyone having some sinister motive driving them to obtain a degree.

    At the very least, an education can provide a means to defend and the opportunities to share your faith. A chance to be in the world but not of it, to say nothing of the skill set it provides, or the income it would provide regardless of the situation; marriage is by no means a guarantee of a stable cash flow.

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