Day 1

Hello, everyone!

Well, to my disappointment, Atlanta charges for their internet at the airport. So, after I checked and found that the price seemed relatively reasonable for an hour, I went ahead and paid the thieves. :) Just joking of course, no thief is willingly given money.

This morning began my journey. After a good dose of antsiness (Don’t ask. It isn’t a word obviously.) and a shower, we headed to the airport where my family dropped me off. As I sat, I noticed a family with colored, bright signs welcoming “big Daddy” home. Their father had recently returned from Afghanistan, and his children and wife could hardly contain their excitement.

At this point, everyone knew, and watched eagerly as people came out of the plane. As the plane seemed to empty, people started looking around and whispered about whether or not he really was on this particular plane. But, no! When it seemed the most disappointing, he appeared in his uniform and gigantic smile. Everyone stood and clapped as the tearful reunion commenced. Just about everyone in the room smiled and sniffled as they walked by.

My flight leaves here in . . . oh, right around four hours. Obviously, we’ll be boarding sooner than that. When I look out the large glass windows, I see the largest plane I’ve ever seen before in my life. Below, men scurry about with large carts and luggage. Here’s hoping that mine made it.

Well! I’m afraid I’m nearing the line (or . . . I might have already crossed it) of a tedious, pathetic wayfarer. I’ll just get off of here and finish my Caribou mocha mint cooler. :)

My love and prayers to everyone back home.

4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Jen~
    We’re praying for your safe travels and also that God would be new to you in a mighty way. We love and miss you!!

  2. Hey Jen,

    I just realized that I forgot to make you tapioca. That would have fulfilled your request on Tuesday.

    Love you dearly.


  3. Hi Jennifer! I just want to let you know that I will be printing out your blogs and either sending them to Grandma Czech or reading them to her when I talk with her. She was very interested to hear what you wrote yesterday.

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