Years ago, I realized that I was able to wield a paintbrush without killing anything. My friend brought me to a class one year (and I might add that we went again the next) where we both learned how to work with oil paint. That particular painting from the summer then has long disappeared to the wall of some dear friends’ apartment, but the idea started because of that painting has thrived.

My idea was to paint something for Father’s Day for my dad. We had just learned about the T.U.L.I.P. acronym, and I thought that a painting of tulips would make for a rather symbolic, meaning gift. I didn’t have the resources then to paint such a thing, and I really did wish to use oil instead of acrylic.

Last Sunday evening, I found the time that had been previously hiding to sketch out the actual tulips. I had the oils, canvas and desire to get this idea out of my head, and the drawing seen above is what came out. Today, I dug out the brushes, canvas, oils and newspaper, and set about painting.

The painting is currently taking a holiday at the top of a remote shelf as it dries.

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