Not your average comic book characters

My brother was shouting from downstairs, and by the sounds of it, something was wrong.
“I can’t get the water to turn off!!”
I had just sent him down there with a magic eraser to clean out a mysterious substance from the dryer, and while he was trying to get the eraser wet, he’d somehow managed to tick off the faucet. I ran downstairs, and turned the faucet. I somehow turned the immovable knob, and the water flow slowed. Pleased, I tried to turn it off.
“It’s spraying.”
Yeah, I could see that. The slow flow that had just been was now gushing out at an insane speed. Struggling, I tried and tried to get the knob to turn off. As I turned and turned it, it eventually became clear that the knob was loose. The water was so strong now, and the knob so loose, that I had a bad feeling about this.
The knob had popped off, and the water was now spraying straight up into the air as I was leaning over it. Amidst the shock that I’d done something so insane, my brother obeyed the command for towels, and while I held one over the freezing spray, I flailed to get the knob on. He got in there, and we both worked. Eventually, the knob was on.
But the water was still gushing.
“The tub’s filling! Why won’t it drain?!”
Now, I can lift people. I can help them use the bathroom. Hey, I can even manage to stay calm as they scream after falling on the floor.
But exploding sinks?
Not so much.
I stood there trying to think as my brother looked flabbergasted and confused. My whole right side dripped, and the floor had a huge puddle – that was apparently growing.
So. Monday.
Eventually, we realized that I just wasn’t “handy” enough to handle the situation, and my brother called a couple of people. We did get the water turned off, and mopped up the floor. As my brother watched me do dishes after, he looked at me and laughed.
“I thought that exploding sinks only happened in comic books. I’d never seen one till today!”
I shot a withering look at him.
“But what’s funniest?! The sink exploded on you!”

OK, so that is a little funny. :D


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