Thoughts of a Few Moments

Speech class finished early today. A very nice thing for the last of its kind in my life. Now, before you go assuming that I despised the class, think differently. I enjoyed that class very much. It was much easier than I’d thought it would be.

The campus that I attend is only a block away from my house, and on days like today, the walks to and from are very pleasant. Now, even a short way can be made longer if one tries, and today I chose the longer route home. The wind was blowing, but not at a speed as to make it uncomfortable. It was strong enough to cover my face with my hair, but gentle enough to linger only quietly there. The clouds above me seemed to glide in their speed, and an occasional, perhaps imagined, drop fell on my cheek.

And, Oh! The lilacs! The wind blew the scent and swirled it all around me for a moment. A positively delightful moment too. The bush on which these lilacs resided seemed to be more of a tree, towering high above the lawn. The dark sort of brightness of the clouds and air only seemed to intensify (if that word can apply to a pastel) the light purple of the flowers. But, on I must go from there, for that was not my home.

The glowing lights from the living room window seemed to welcome me as the house came into sight. The back lawn had been mowed, and the tang of the grass was strong, and I caught a whiff of gasoline. I remember a time when I hated this smell, but years ago, I became fond of it. I knew that whoever had mowed the lawn would smell the same way – almost as if they had brought outside in with them.

I walked up to the house, waving at a neighbor walking by, and heard an excited exclamation as I opened the door.

“Oh, look! Jennifer’s back!”


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Few Moments

  1. You paint a wonderful picture; I can almost smell the paint. And few things can compare to the simple joy of a routine that speaks to all of the senses.

    It has to aid in memory- I bet when you’re 40 you’ll think of the walk home each time you catch a hint of lilacs or *chuckles* yard work and gasoline.

  2. Seeming is vastly different from being; it’s a terrible shame that some grammars lump words of the two kinds together as they were one. There ought to be a distinction.

    And yeah, what I imagine of that area has changed with that description. It’s more pleasant now; it makes me think of Aria, with the musical storm-drain grates.

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