A Lady’s Laughter

As birds who, strong of wing and voice–
Gifted princes of the sky–
Cannot but sing their rapt’rous joys,
In new songs born of ecstasy;

As swift gazelles in graceful dance,
Come from peaceful safety’s rest,
They also rise, and run, and prance,
For gladness fills each strong, sleek, chest;

So is a lady like to this,
Merry as a soul can be.
She greets the day with dear friend’s kiss.
A bright and sprightly creature, she.

She laughs and Oh, what music rings,
Clearly, sweetly to my ear!
She, even in her laughter, sings,
Dispatching pain and sorrow drear.

But laughter is mere harmony,
Flowing from her mirthful way,
Which is the cheery melody,
She plays throughout the live-long day.

– Bruce Smyth

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