A puzzling project

My apologies to those of you who are cringing at the lack of a walking foot. I read that if I was really careful, it would work just fine. And it did. The fabric bunched once, but only on the crazy pattern on back where it’s very hard to see it. Lesson learned here? A nice, usable for all things practical machine doesn’t work the best for quilting. Ah well. This was just a practice to see if I could do it. It’s not too big, and it is slightly wild, so I think that it being my first quilting experience was a good idea. The binding’s next.

4 thoughts on “A puzzling project

  1. What a FUN quilt! I need to see it in person–although I will run a serious risk of needing to make one myself then. :D

  2. Thanks to both of you.
    Dandelionmom, you might want to see it in person. I must admit that the camera here does it the justice of attractive quilting. However, be forewarned – for you might weep at some of the uneven lines. I said it only bunched once, but it was super hard to make the thing run straight.
    Caleb – Thanks. That’s pretty much what it is. Just like Antonio says about bunnies. : )

  3. I was just drooling over the pattern for this in a catalog we got before this last snow. “Slightly wild”, Paisleys, Awesome. Like my mom, I need to touch it!

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