The spring semester is looming. I got all of my books ordered tonight, and wouldn’t blame my parents if they decided the amount paid on the books was enough for an inheritance. Well, it’s done – and now we have to get all the other expenses paid off.

But until the day that classes open, I have valuable time to do things that I otherwise would not have much time to do. Hopefully I’ll finish the few books that I started over the summer and (unfortunately) had a hard time finishing.

As far as resolutions go, well – I decided awhile ago that it wasn’t worth it. I hope that with each day, I’ll become someone better than who I was the day before. Years shouldn’t be the only mark for change toward something good.

It’s hard to believe that the decade’s coming to an end. Ten years ago, I was nine. We watched that huge ball on TV, and everyone cheered as it finally came down. I remember thinking that 2010 seemed like such a long time away. And good grief, but I would be old. Now, I realize what the older, wiser people have meant by the little saying “time flies.” Soon it will be 2020, and I’ll chuckle about now. The troubles, excitements, disappointments, etc. will seem quite small to me then. I hope that I’ll grow wiser – and that I’ll have used even the things that I am learning now in order to be a better person.

And who knows. Maybe everything will fall apart – or come together with small effort. I could live to grow old, or could die tomorrow. These things are not my decision. I just hope that I live so that I can appreciate each day given to me.

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