A Visit with Miss Haps

I’ve had the opportunity to be home alone for extended periods of time. What’s funny is that my friend seems to stay away when my family is with me (well, for the most part). However – when I’m alone, she visits very often. Strange, you say? ….. You’re telling me.

Funny things happen when she’s around. Just recently, I was trying to print something for a biology lab. I clicked on the “Print” button, checked to make sure that it wasn’t the “Cute PDF Writer”, and started the print. Except – wait…… it wasn’t printing. So, I did the whole process over again. Nothing. And again. Nothing…. The light was on! Why wasn’t it printing?! As I put my face in my hands, I looked to the left of the monitor. Why was a USB chord looking at me? Sighing, I traced it back to its home, plugged it into the computer, and voila! Three copies of Lab 5.


She also seems to enjoy possessing my beast of a cat. Causing her to chew on different wires…. such as (whaddaya know) the other printer’s chord. All of the sudden, the other printer was groaning and clicking and flashing it’s lights at me. Making a note to get the thing some decongestant, I yanked the cat out, scowled and scolded, and set her down. She jumped up on the stool, pawed at my sleeve, and -purring- meowed. Cat adoration technique numero uno….. Bah.

Miss Haps also went with me to the store last night, and handed me a pair of pants that I was looking for. Right size, right? I had tried the other ones on, and yet I managed to walk out of the store with a bit too large tall pair of khaki pants. They’re over two inches two long. Wonderful.

And those stories are only the beginning.

Anyways…. I’m sending her on her way home…… good riddance.

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